Finally finished COMP 9322 assignment 2. Did the demo today, was a bit dissapointed with it actually, I know the site logic isn’t logical esp the order page, but I didn’t really make a fuss over it coz i think it’s his artistic freedom :P
But anyway, glad that it’s over. Ass 3 is already out, but this time flie will not be too busy with his thesis and bla2, i hope he can do most of it, as i have to restrain myself from overworking.
Quite impressed with BT’s customer service, I am rolling over 2 super funds to them, and they have been following up my queries, phoning me informing the progress of the rollovers, despite the amount of my rollovers (not accumulating much :( )…
This Sat there’s a TRAIN thing for da men as the ladies are going to EQUIP. Want to go with plita guyz, but so far i havent heard any plan yet. But mostly i will give it a miss, i just need to be relaxed at home this weekend, do some cleaning up (oh can’t stand the mess that i have made!), packing up, and yes finally after 2-3 weeks absent, i will finally be able to give my beloved gym a visit. Will need to borrow movies to watch with wife too.. thinking Chicken Little/Hitch and/or Skeleton Key.