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Model-Glue #1

I have played around with Mach II one day at work, I was drawn to Mach II because it is OO to the core, unlike Fusebox.

However after reading the Sean Corfield’s frameworks comparison, I decided to give Model-Glue a go. It’s going to be similar to Mach II rather than to Fusebox and in terms of learning curve, it is in between of Fusebox and Mach II.

I spent about 1 hour to get the first example from the documentation to work. The documentation isn’t as clear as I would like it to be, the majority of my time was spent on trying to figure out why some components cannot be found by the application. It turns out that I need to create few mappings on CF server for coldspring, Reactor, ModelGlue and the sample application. This is explained on the readme.txt included on the download, but missing from the the HTML documentation.

My initial impression about any MVC frameworks that I have encountered is: “Gee that’s a lot of work”. To create a form that does some processing, I would need to create a view file, a controller file as well as configure the framework to know these files and their relationships. And I haven’t even touched the database part yet. I suppose the process will become faster and easier once I get used to the MVC process. Heck, Joe Reinhart (Model-Glue’s creator) has a demo on YouTube on how to create a blog (in 15 minutes!) using the framework: