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RoR’s failure?

I think this is the first ever blog post that “sort of” says that Ruby on Rails isn’t working. Well, you won’t come across this kind of post often so I just link it here for future reference: 7 reasons I switched back to PHP.

Point 2, I guess is the biggest hurdle for my company to adopt RoR, we have a lot of Coldfusion applications to support and I can’t imagine having to support both Coldfusion and RoR projects. And it is fair to say that all developers in the company are quite junior in Coldfusion. So why add another burden of learning RoR when your Coldfusion still suck (so to say)..

Point 6, while I can understand writing repetitive CRUD in SQL is just plain boring and unnecessary sometimes, but to let a framework does all the SQL for you.. well I am not prepared for that sort of thing yet. Besides good developers NEED to know how to write good and efficient SQL anyway. And yes I love write complex SQL queries, I like optimizing them, I like to ponder the trade offs between IN and EXISTS etc2. However there is a place for ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for simple CRUD and I guess this is where RoR is quite good. I am quite interested in investigating these ORM frameworks for Coldfusion.

Point 7, I have heard this been said couple of times, I guess one can only benefit from learning different programming languages or frameworks. Once I am comfortable with my Coldfusion (and Java) skill, I’d probably give RoR a go and improve my programming skills.