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Lyceum comment was not working

Found out that some people were unable to post comment on this blog (and most likely on any other blogs as well). I am still trying to find out the problem, I have been debugging for few hours, I think I know where to look now, although I am not sure what is causing it..

Update: After poking around, finally found out that the problem is with the 2 Wordpress templates that I use. The comments.php should contain this line of code:

<?php do_action('comment_form',$post->ID);>

before the submit button code. This line of code will produce 2 hidden fields one is “b” which is the blog identifier and the other one I think is token value (do check the source code of the comment page).

This is a somewhat very surprising fact to me, this means that WordPress themes will not work properly out of the box for Lyceum (surely someone must have put this information somewhere.. maybe I should read the Lyceum’s howtos and forum.. )