title: Debugging week categories: tags: [] date: “2006-03-30” slug: “2006/03/30/debugging-week”

Quite stressful for the past 3 days due to some bugs occuring on Posmart. The major one is due to the different version of PHP used on the live server and the local server. PHP4’s way of handling object is differnt to PHP5, I think PHP4 is more C like while PHP5 has better OO support (ie: no passing by reference!, omg). Then there are some weird bugs due to javascript overwriting session object.. it’s very weird, and it only occured on IE and Opera (Mac). Learn new things everyday.. i suppose. Hm can’t be sloppy with Javascript now. Ok, now work will be quiet again.. bored. RC told me that S3 soon will abandon open source solution and move on with .NET, apparently after few years building this PHP, MySQL framework, he’s had enough of it. He’s quite impressed with .NET when doing Fujitsu project.