Career Aspiration, honestly..

Many times, I have been asked what i want to be in five years time in terms of career etc. And I think I gave an dishonest answer by saying things like i want to be team leader, management position, senior position, while I don’t mind achieving those positions, but if I want to be honest with myself and my future employer, I don’t actually have this so called “aspiration”. I told Koorong interviewer yersterday, that my career aspiration is simply to be working in a position that I can be excited about, in a position where I keep continue being challenged with new things thus I can keep learning and lastly being paid enough for me to support my family (ideally with my wife doesn’t have to work no longer). So be it, if I don’t get any job with big companies with this kind of answer, enough with lies :) Just because I don’t aspire to be on the top, doesn’t mean that I won’t be one of the most hardworking employees.