Changing XP theme + ObjectDock

Have started following LifeHacker recently. One of the recent posts was on the 6 slick Windows themes to dress up your desktop.

Downloaded some of them but couldn't get them to work until I found an information on one of the downloads' README file. Apparently to install a non-microsoft XP theme you need to patched a system DLL called: UxTheme.dll, for WIndows XP SP2, the patch can be found here: UXTheme Patcher Download

After applying the patch all the themes seem to work nicely. I am currently using: Razor 2 Final, it's very pretty.

Also from LifeHacker, found out about ObjectDock, which basically provides a Mac-like Dock. Now I am not by all means a Mac fan boy, but I'm interested in trying it out, see how my work flow will be different and the ObjectDock does look very pretty anyway. Maybe I will like it and will be sold to the whole Mac thing or maybe not. So I've auto-hide my task bar on the left (I have put it on left since I use these widescreen monitors), my main mean to access my apps will be via ObjectDock on the bottom of my screen.

See screenshot: