Hi there!

My name is Felix Tjandrawibawa and I am a software craftperson turn into a Site Reliability Engineer, based in Sydney, Australia. I have 15 years’ experience of building software for various industries and sizes.

My approach of software development is distilled into 2 principles:

  • Deliver value through well tested, carefully crafted and maintainable software.

  • Deliver happiness in the process of software development. This involves:

    • Showing empathy and respecting my peers and my clients.
    • Willingness to help and mentor.
    • Value knowledge sharing.
    • Continuous self improvements.
    • Follow best practices.
    • Use and contribute to Open Source Software.

Here are some of the technologies that I use on my work:

I write technical articles (and rants sometimes). I enjoy connecting and talking to people involved in technology - if that’s you, feel free to connect:

  • Email: cemeng at gmail dot com
  • Twitter: @cemeng
  • LinkedIn: felixt