Tech Diary - because I do things and I forgot these things.


  • Moved to AEP - a front-end centric team, which means more: React, NodeJS and GraphQL.
  • From March to now-ish (May) - involved heavily in vendors assessment for marketing automation tool.
  • Finished Execute Program’s Modern JS course - highly recommended.




  • From January to April, part of the identity and access management (IDAM) migration project, migrated the IDAM platform from in house platform to Gigya. We use factory method pattern a lot to assist with the migration.
  • Started to think a lot about microservices and started to look at Golang
  • Testing the water - a lot of heartbreaks, but all worked out in the end - God works in a mysterious way.
  • Double down on AWS - starting the cloud journey.


  • Integrated Hagrid (FFX subscriber plaftorm) with Zendesk for Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. Learned heaps about delayed job
  • Started contracting as Ruby Dev at Fairfax Media, as part of Digital Subscription team.
  • Last week with Aphid, revisiting Electron (for the 3rd time) in an attempt to replace our legacy Adobe AIR app.
  • Went to RedDotRuby Conf - happy to have made connections with Singapore Rubyists and Rubyists from all over Asia (and the world).
  • Went to AWS Sydney Summit - wasn’t impresssed.
  • Tweaked Nginx logging, so it’s nicer. Also finally version controlled it: GitHub.
  • Submitted a my first ever conference talk proposal (for RedDotRuby Conf). It didn’t make it - but it was a good experience.
  • First time wrote a tender submission - spent the whole weekend doing it.
  • Upgrade Nginx - 2 years too late.
  • Finally a Grails deployment to AWS that I am not ashamed of.
  • Upgraded this site to Octopress 3
  • Went to RubyConf AU on Gold Coast - the best conf after party ever (at Movie World!).


  • Rewrite app from CoffeeScript to TypeScript.
  • Finally got to play with AWS.
  • Helped Mobile Eye Clinic with their optometry software (built on Grails).
  • Went to RubyConf AU on Melbourne. Honestly, the best conference I’ve been to hands down, so much diverse topics, such as: dealing with imposter syndrome, dealing with depression, live music through Ruby code!, knitting as a service. Mind blown.


  • Helped ActivSky - a startup providing iOS based Point of Sale system and customer loyalty system. Documented the experience here




2010 - 2011

CodlFusion Technical Lead for Gruden, looking after their two core clients: Australia Department of Finance’s and NSW Government’s Tender applications.

2007 - 2010

ColdFusion developer for FForesite then RecruitAdvantage.


Started my IT career as a PHP web developer with S3 Group.