5 Minutes of Fame

And I have done it - on my 5th RORO meeting this year - I gave a lighting talk!

I did a 5 minute book review on Well Grounded Rubyist - yes the book that I have always talked about in this blog.

Back to the lighting talk - I must have at least put in 10 hours of preparation on it, yeah so much effort just for such a short talk. But I am glad that I did it - I’ve learned a lot both on the preparation and on the delivery. This is my first user group presentation ever - although I have done a couple team pressos for companies that I worked for.

My aims for the talk were:

  • Sharing what I like about the book aimed especially for the new people (to my disappointment - not that many new people that night).
  • Making people who are new to Ruby welcomed. At least they’d know that not all of them who come to the meetup is expert.
Some of the things that I’ve learned:
  • I need to speak clearer (even with my thick Indonesian accent)
  • I need to speak slower and maybe less material for a lighting talk.
  • My slides looked terrible compared to other presenters.
In the subject of new people - I think I kind of work out how I want to be involved in Ruby community. And that is to help new people be involved in the community and help them learn at the same time.