RORO Meetup 12/07

I have made it to RORO (Ruby on Rails Oceania) Meetup for 3 meetings in a row now. Last night was particularly interesting - interesting because I finally can understand most of the presentations :).

Anyway quick round up and my thoughts from last night meetup..

Sneak peek into Westfield and Ruby in the enterprise by Lightning Dave Bolton @lightningdb Dave explained challenges running Ruby in an enterprise setup (Westfield being the enterprise). Not only technological challenge but also organizational as well - enterprise = more internal stakeholders to take into account.

One of the quotables quote of the day was “Everyday we are committing legacy code” - so as developer we should write code with the mind of people who will maintain our code down the track.

One point Dave mentioned that is close to my heart is: in order for Ruby to continue to flourish, it needs new developers coming to it (exactly my thoughts with the problem of ColdFusion in Australia).

Test Driven Search Development by Andrew Harvey @mootpointer

Andrew explained the test harness (test tool?) that he built to test search result. In essence (I think) - his tool does comparison of search result in development and search result from production. The point of the comparison is to see whether the tweak on the Solr config (the engine that they use) produces better matches or not.

It is quite interesting to me as at work, we have been thinking of moving away from Lucene to Solr - with a testing tool such what Andrew presented, we can at least test the search result before and after.

There be magic in Rails (multiple dynamic per instance database connections) by Mikel Lindsaar @raasdnil

Mikel shows how he built an app that can connect to unknown number databases with unknown schema (not the usual Rails app where you give the database config to Rails beforehand).

Nice to see ActiveAdmin in action as well - been wanting to try it out.

Unicorn by Richard Heycock

A passionate presentation on why Unicorn rules - Unicorn follows Unix philosophy - do one thing and do it well. It looks like Unicorn is really nice from Sys Admin point of view compared to Passenger for instance.

Ruby metaprogramming… by Nicholas Jefferson

I was very tired by this point (this was the longest RORO for me) so the following might be wrong!! - but I’ll try.. Nicholas presented his markup project which translates the markup to Java bytecode - this has proven to be way faster than Markaby and closer to Erubis (?). Nicholas prefers metaprogramming that translates to something readable as the product..

All in all a very nice night - managed to drag Filippo Vitale along and I think he had a great time too (he even asked me to go to the hack night with him!). Got to know few people as well - which is great.