Rails for Zombies – mmm brains…

And so I have finished Rails for Zombies last Thursday.

And I had a lot of fun doing it! I was a bit disappointed that it only has 5 chapters in it.

If you are new to Rails, I can’t recommend Rails for Zombies enough. It is basically a hands on beginner tutorial, where for each chapters you’d be given a video to watch (zombie themed obviously) and then you’ll have a series of tasks to finish (again zombie themed). The site has an editor-in-browser where you can put type in your RoR code to solve the tasks.

I must say that it is really cool and innovative way for learning. And kudos for Ruby (and Rails) folks (in this case Code School and Envy Labs) for coming up with things that are out of ordinary (poignant guide to ruby and mr. humble introduction to ruby did come to mind as well).

This sort of creative approach of doing things that I think differentiate RoR community from the rest. I had a very different experience when trying to learn .NET couple of months back – wish it was more fun.