Samsung Laptop R620 Issues

I’ve had my Samsung R620 Laptop for about 1.5 years now and I am really happy with it (unlike my experience with my previous Acer laptop). However it has started to break down lately.

A couple of months ago, the power adaptor started to just randomly died. I plugged the adaptor to power socket – no lights. Tried again a couple of days later, it worked. The similar pattern recurring for few weeks until I’ve had enough and bought a multi adaptor from JayCar.

Starting 3 weeks ago, I noticed an “x” sign on the battery icon (I’m on Windows 7) – when I hover over it, it says “Consider Replacing Your Battery”. Ok, a bit worrying – I shrugged it off, I thought it must be Windows 7 being paranoia. But after a while, I did notice, the battery drained rather quickly – it was completely drained after 15 mins or less.

I then found out about the following command line command: powercfg –generate, this command will do a system inspection and report the any issues with the battery. My fear was confirmed, my battery is dud, my battery is now only charged to its 15% capacity.  And so I ordered a replacement from Ebay.

Although I am still loving this machine but at the same time I am a bit disappointed with the battery life – and laptop battery life in general – my Acer laptop battery also died after 2 years I think.

On another note, lately I’ve been contemplating on getting a 2nd hand MacBook Pro as I am wanting to play around with iPhone development (and it looks like a de factor platform of choice for Rails development) – from what I’ve seen in the forum discussions, battery is also an issue with Mac.