Rails Thoughts So Far

I am almost a half way through Agile Web Development with Rails (Fourth Edition).

The book’s approach fits my learning style perfectly – a hands on learning - learning by building.

It teaches Rails by explaining how to build an E-commerce application using Rails.

I could’ve followed the book line by line – but I think I will learn more if I work on my own idea. And so I am taking the Rails concept on the E-commerce application from the book and apply them to my app

The application that I am building is an online DVD rental system – this is actually an itch that I have with this site: http://www.dvdlounge.com.au/. The concept is good, browse and reserve DVDs from the website and then pick them up from the physical store – but the website sucks badly. It’s clunky, poorly designed (if it’s even designed), some pages are really slow because no pagination strategy is being used so all records are returned. This online rental system shares a lot of common patterns with an E-commerce site, so I was able to apply most of the concepts and examples from the book to this application.

Here is a screenshot of the application that I am building:


I think I am getting a hang of working with Git. I sometimes do my dev on my laptop and at other times I do my dev on my desktop.

At the end of a significant dev effort I’d do: git add, git commit, git push. Upon switching on different env, I’d do git pull.

I know just enough Git to do the simple task above, I haven’t had a chance to understand the philosophy behind this distributed version control – at the moment it feels more complicated than SVN.

Test Driven Development

I am guilty – I’ve been skipping the most of the building Test for the application, I will revisit these again later on.

Database Seed

Am not sure if this is a Rails new feature – basically you can have a seed file to pre-populate your application with data.

Dude, where is my SQL?

Everything that I wrote so far is dealing with objects even the seeding script above, this makes me feeling being not in control sometimes, I feel that Rails just hide too much from me  (too much magic.. )

Railscast is Awesome

http://railscasts.com/ is full of goodness. I have also started to listen to Ruby podcast.

Ruby not progressing

I have stopped reading Ruby book – I should pick it up again.