Serving Grafana Private Plugin

Musings 1

The Power of Staying Put


Using vale and vim/neovim for writing

What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) - part 2

Scrapping Application Metrics Endpoint With PodMonitor in Prometheus

What is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)?

SRE Engagement Model


Being a Devops/Platform Engineer eight months in

Google Cloud Platform Associate Cloud Engineer Certified

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Cheatsheet

Google Cloud Operations Sandbox

Book Review: Site Reliability Engineering

Renewing Let's Encrypt/Certbot Wildcard Certificate


Reflection as a software engineer in Sydney during COVID-19

Cannot find a running Postgres process in MacOSX


Book Review: The Manager's Path

Coding Test? Thanks, but no thanks


Certbot on EC2 - couldn’t get currently installed version for /opt/eff.org/certbot/venv/bin/letsencrypt

Paul Buchheit on becoming a great engineer

From Octopress to Hugo

Blogging, 15 years later

Deploying Grails To Tomcat Resulting in 404

Install Tomcat 8 on AWS EC2

Witnessing a Historic Day in Australia Media Industry - Nine and Fairfax merger

Decoupling Front-end from Back-end

RubyConf AU 2018

AWS Developer Associate Certified

A Serverless Weekend Project

AWS Solution Architect Associate Certified

I Am Taking AWS Solution Architect Certification and Here Is Why


Programmatically Accessing Google Calendar on Behalf of User

Seize the Opportunity

Golang Sydney Meetup 09/17

AWS: Modern data architecture for Microservices

Delayed Job Best Practices

Using Factory Method Pattern

Refactoring Using Contracts

A Capybara Debugging Story

Inbox Zero


Linux Server Security Essentials

AWS Summit Sydney 2016

Automated Grails Deployment to AWS (or when a manual upload of a 82 MB WAR is not going to fly)

Upgrading to Octopress 3 - Part 2

Upgrading to Octopress 3 - Part 1

Jason Zimdar on Why He Works Remotely


Lessons from my first foray with a startup


Running Ruby on Rails after Yosemite upgrade


Michael Harte on future of ICT Careers

One year after switching to Octopress from WordPress

Initial thoughts on AngularJS

Alternating Row Colors For Flex Spark Datagrid

Railscamp X

Removing Dropbox Conflicted Files Using Git

Debugging - How to Level Up as a Rails Developer

Install Ruby Manually

Review of Vim for Rails Developers

Lessons Learned On Upgrading Rails

Shell Scripting

Flash Builder Dark Background

Learning Notes #1


From WordPress to Octopress


Employees are temporary

Coding Cubicle Again

On Telecommuting (and Shorter Working Hours)

Moving On

5 Minutes of Fame

The Utopia

Putting TDD into Practice

The First Pull Request

Why Ruby (on Rails)?

Got MacBook Pro

Knowing Self

RORO Hack Night 26/07 - A Newbie Perspective

A Thing or Two About Ruby Module

RORO Meetup 12/07

Class and Object Relationship in Ruby

Ruby on Rails Journey Continues

Learning Deployment - The Rails Way

Missing Relay Log File after MySQL Crash

Bash Scripting

Uninitalized Constant Notifier

Conneting ColdFusion 9 to Apache on Ubuntu

Switching to GitHub

Know Your Switch Statement? Think Again

Testing with Rails - an initial look

Rails Thoughts So Far

Samsung Laptop R620 Issues

Stopping Replication on a MySQL Slave

Rails for Zombies – mmm brains…

The ultimate guide for correct spelling of ColdFusion

VMWare Disk Paging Error

Learning Rails Progress

Rails jdbcmysql issue (Netbeans?)

Getting Started with Ruby on Rails (again)

Welcome to Coding Cubicle

CAPTCHA, what is it good for?

Improve Your Code Now! SIMPLE and Exciting Techniques to Improve System Quality

Yet Another CFHTTP Connection Failure Issue - Look at your JVM Config!

On the Lack of Writing

Java Vulnerability - CVE-2010-4476

Free WordPress Themes Beware

Giving Some Long Overdue Love for WordPress

Migrating WordPress Blog From One Host to Another

My Definition of Passionate

How to avoid the axe


Sridhar Vembu on Education

Awesome Online Shopping Experience

onChange on IE vs Firefox (the importance of cross browser test)

Benefits of learning ColdFusion Frameworks

Agile in Web Development

A Simple Refactoring


My Initial Experience with Mach-ii, Reactor and ColdSpring

20x20 nite at Adobe Platform User Group Sydney

cf.Objective(ANZ) 2009 Recap - Part 2

cf.Objective(ANZ) 2009 Recap - Part 1

Railo on Apache / Tomcat - Windows (Part 3) - Getting URL Rewriting works for ColdBox

Do you have to be a passionate developer?

Goodbye for now

Railo on Apache / Tomcat - windows (part 2)

Railo on Apache / Tomcat - Windows (Part 1)

Defensive programming with jQuery

Adding new site to Railo

Null Pointers error in ColdFusion

Taking the plunge

Bugs on my code

Argument over ColdFusion OOP

CFbuilder tips – project already exists

Microsoft download page

Experimenting with YQL – jobs aggregator

Re-using server side logic for client side validation

Acer Laptop Woe

The Passionate Programmer

I’m a certified java programmer now!

After Webdu 2009

say no to duplicating server side and client side validation

org.apache.bcel.generic.ClassGenException Branch target offset too large for short

Object oriented – thought process

Coming to webDU 2009

flowplayer and kimli flash embed

Sitepoint Books Deal - Helping VIC bushfires victims

How many ways to debug CFQUERY

configuration tool is better than documentation


free coldfusion hosting

From Lyceum to Wordpress MU


Virtualisation is amazing

Mouse pointer stuck on Mac OS X via VMWare

OO Ready?

Welcome to my coding screen

cfargument gotcha

building your SQL outside CFQUERY gotcha

Upgrade 08

Deselecting options from a select element in jQuery

Reviewing usability of computer online shops

Blog updates

Changing javascript event attribute on the fly

Staying back

Changing XP theme + ObjectDock

Variable assignment in loop

Star performers

How short can you code

This vs Variables Scope in CFC

jQuery basics

I heart jQuery

The downside of being a ColdFusion developer in Australia

How would you rally a wounded troop

verynx strikes

No time

Australian User Groups

Dual monitors anyone?

ColdFusion and SSLv3

ColdFusion 8 & .NET integration

Flex Profiling

Dual screens

Firefox 3 first impression

Learning Management System?

Producing Excel Report in ColdFusion

Books to read (2008-2009)

Recover Files in Eclipse


Dreaming in Code

Unbelievable Blunder

My job went to India

1st CFUG


Just one of those days

Document management software

Sydney Adobe AIR launch

New RA site is live


Image gap

Test post from Windows Live Writer


Bean discussion

Subversion best practices


ColdFusion Exam Prep

Lyceum 1.0.2 install problem


Beating RSI

CSE Postgraduate Performance Award

Designing with web standards

Playing with ColdBox (and Transfer)

I am for hire

Lyceum comment was not working

Project Estimation (according to Dilbert)

Just Ruby and friends links

Just a Flex Linky

Sporadic Learning

Model Glue #3

Deployment Process and Problems

CFQuery LIKE on NULL values

Gmail thinks Adobe email is spam

Baby step to Flex


First flash video (using ffmpeg flowplayer)

Unmotivated (contemplative mood)

I am going to CFCAMP

Processing Large CSV in Coldfusion

apache error: directory is writable by others


I hate COMP4317

Unmotivated and stupid

Bits and pieces

Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 1520

RoR’s failure?

Cellars @ felixt?

Code generator

Who dunnit

Installing Feisty Fawn

The great debate

OOP and join tables

Java Collection Framework

Googling my company


Rules to better team members

End of financial year purchase

Web design books

Model-Glue #2

Model-Glue #1

AIR sample applications

Software Design Process

Newsletter tool

Skill Divide

Coldfusion 8 Beta is here

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium - Education Win

Frameworks to check out

Felix Programming Language

CF discriminated?

Price comparison websites (Australia)

Restricting upload file type in Coldfusion

What’s new (to me)

Huge Database

Reading and processing CSV file

Hello world!


Hardware Upgrade

Of many interviews

Woot.. no MVC??


Ridicolous salary

My Art Auction nearly there

The B Strikes Back

Nested SQL

COMP 9117 Software Architecture

Last minute

Too many options

Shock Exit

why php is weird…



You Think You Get


S3Group site relaunch

Bad at naming

Eyestyle Live

3 years 8 months

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

Game store website

Learning Flash

Acer 4061 Screen Limitation

Auction site

Microsoft Wireless Desktop MT5

Google AdSense

ASP.NET and event driven programming

Changing Logic

Naked Design

Data Model Repository

SRS auto

Dreamweaver template

Over deliver

Linux vs Windows

Back up!

Avoiding the inlines




XML, XSLT, XPath, but how???

First online store


4th attempt

It's getting there

cellars.com.au no more

felixt.org re-design


xine on fedora

Apache in Fedora

Switching to Fedora Core 3

CBA Interview

JINI Resources

Site makeover: Drupal and new layout

Career Aspiration, honestly..

Aaaa Koorong interview

Observing a UNSW lecture

COMP9031 - a short review


Blog Spammers, your days are numbered (I hope)..

Tomcat, Safari, Blog Spam



GIMP 2.0 Installation

Final Exam

HP interview


The Two Interviews

Long weekend

Cellars in its final stage

Casual web dev work

Accenture (not), Altis (scared and skeptic)

Super Duper Busy

MySQL support in PHP

Not effective today

C is yucky!! (COMP9314 ass 1 continued)


(SRE) Interview Tips