Conneting ColdFusion 9 to Apache on Ubuntu

Just a quick note, I installed ColdFusion 9 (multi server configuration) on my Ubuntu 10.04 Virtual Machine today.

Ran the ColdFusion 9 installation file - went through the series of settings. Setting it up so that it will be connected to Apache.

And when it’s finished, I went to /CFIDE/administtrator/index.cfm as usual. When I did that - the Apache serves me the CFM as a download. This tells me that Apache was not connected properly to ColdFusion. So I had a look at the Apache directory (in my case it’s on /etc/apache2/) - and surprisingly the configuration files (apache2.conf and httpd.conf) have not been changed with the ColdFusion installation.

This is strange since I didn’t get any error during the installation. I was about to go down the path of manually editing the Apache conf file when I remember in Windows ColdFusion installation there is a utility to configure web server. I poked around the jrun bin directory and found this file: I ran it, it figured out that I want to set it up for Apache and 5 seconds later it’s done. I looked at the Apache conf directory again and saw httpd.conf has been modified. Happy days.

I am just wondering whether something is broken with ColdFusion 9 Linux installation - it seem to be a rather strange issue that I have here.