Bits and pieces

At work, every day we are given the freedom to learn/explore things on our time and then there is a weekly meeting where all of us come together to give a short 5 minutes presentation on what we have been investigating during the week..

I am actually struggling in this because I think I’m not structured enough as well as being very busy with projects. I have been meaning to look into FCKEditor support in CF8, but I haven’t been able to do so in a great depth. But I actually do learn quite a bit during the week just by reading blogs or by investigating things for projects that I am involved with.

This week I have learned (read: hacked) a bit the ANT deployment script, I managed to get it run correctly, but it failed to FTP the files to the test server. I’ve also managed to set up the production server on one of the projects on IIS, set up the required DNS on our local DNS server.

From reading blogs, I found out a handy tip from Ben Nadel’s blog on how to use <cfcontent type=“text/html” reset=“true” /> to get rid of whitespaces in CF generated codes. On the same posting, I have also been reminded the necessity of having DOCTYPE declared correctly to avoid IE quirks mode in particular.