Unmotivated and stupid

I am currently doing XML and Databases course, this shall be final subject for my master degree. Sebastian the lecturer, is quite good, he’s definitely knows his stuffs and he can communicate well. If I have other choice, I would probably not have chosen to this subject, as it is quite academic and heavy on theory. I mean what are the chances that in my working environment, would I be required to write an efficient XML parser that uses minimal amount of memory?

The assignments are freakinly hard! And there are 6 of them, most subjects would usually have 2-3 assignments. Because of the number of assignments, the weight for the exam is actually quite small, only 30%. This doesn’t play up well with me, as I usually do well on exams. Anyway, this is the only subject that I can take this session, I don’t have any other option.

I got 2.75/10 for my assignment 4. I just don’t seem to be able to program this damned XML parser well, I must be getting more stupid nowadays.. And worse still assignment 5 is based on assignment 4 and judging by the spec, this would be the hardest assignment. I really feel unmotivated to do this assignment, frankly.. Arghhh.. I hope I can pass, I am not even dreaming to get a credit for this one..