Awesome Online Shopping Experience

I surprisingly just had an awesome shopping experience at Fishpond.

I was googling around for a DVD, and the website came out about in third or fourth. Clicked the link, taken to the product page, the price was right so hit Add to Cart. And then Checkout – nothing special.

The awesomeness come in the simplicity of the checkout process. Now I wasn’t a member of this shop and usually in most online stores, you have to do a sign up before completing the order. With Fishpond, as you can see on the screenshot, I only needed to fill in Delivery Address, Account Details, Credit Card Details – all in one screen – hit submit and boom, I am 16 dollars poorer!

No account details, security questions, account activation process, email address verification, billing address, subscribe to newsletters. Just quickly in and out. I’m really impressed. I’ve built a couple of online stores before and I learned a lesson of simplicity today.