Sydney Adobe AIR launch

I just came back from Adobe AIR launch at the Powerhouse Museum.

There were about 200 people attending. There was a presentation by Mark Blair, interview with panel of four, AIR jam session and followed by 5 AIR applications showdown.

I was quite surprised that Commonwealth Bank Australia is one of the AIR adopter in Australia. It's good news that such a prominent financial institution is behind the technology.

We were given chance to vote for one of the 5 apps. Andrew from webqem with his travel AIR application won the crowd, it was very slick application, I can't help to vote for it as well.

I was very interested with Mark (from Gruden) 's AIR desktop time tracker widget that hooks to JIRA, it would be extremely useful tool for day to day work, kudos to whoever it is at Gruden that comes up with that fantastic idea. Hopefully they will release it for public use.

I am not sure how useful it is for me to have attended the event, I was soaking wet when I got there as it rained heavily, I got t-shirt which is too small for me (I should've been given XL instead of L and I didn't check.. sigh), I didn't win any prizes either, none of the people that I know went to this event (sent the Adobe email to people at work, no one replied) and I am not the sort of person who approaches strangers and talk to them (if you bump me in any of these events please say hi :)) so I was by myself, so much for networking opportunities.. oh well.

But I guess it's consistent with me calling myself "Adobe Web Specialist" (although I only know CF at the moment) on my LinkedIn profile :) .