From Lyceum to Wordpress MU

Don't know if you notice, but the URL of this blog has now been changed from to The change in URL is the one of the effects of changing the blog engine from Lyceum to WordPress MU.

I have been faithfully using Lyceum for quite a while, probably since mid 2007 or even earlier and it has met my requirements for a blogging platform. I was able to easily manage 3 blogs in this domain.

However my dislike of Lyceum is its slowness in keeping up with WordPress (WP)releases, while it's not crucial requirement for me but there are times that I really want to play around with the new things in WP like widgets etc. I also have to modify some of the newer WP templates in order to make them work with the engine, again I don't mind getting my hands dirty with editing WP templates, but yeah it would be nice if you can just drop new templates and they'd just work.

WordPress MU (WPMU) being the official multi blogs platform for WordPress is naturally able to keep up with WP closer (at this point it's on 2.6.5 release, one minor release behind WP 2.7). And so that is an obvious choice for me. I did consider WPMU when I decided to go down the multi blogs path and I chose Lyceum over WPMU because I was under the impression that WPMU install the blogs on separate databases (and I only have 10 MySQL databases allowed on my hosting). I am not sure whether my impression was correct or not, but upon installing the latest version, I know that this is not the case, yes WPMU does create separate tables for each blogs but it is under one database. Lyceum does the database a little bit different in that the tables are shared by all the blogs.

The export/import from Lyceum to WPMU was relatively easy since they are both essentially WP system. However I did notice pages weren't imported and I also lost some of the Flash video content (for some reason embed was allowed in Lyceum but not in WPMU), so yeah I need to do some fixes on these when I got time.

Getting the new URLs to work was a little bit of challenge, but I Googled around and found the link Installing WordPress MU on a CPanel/WHM Server and managed to make it work.

The other work that I needed to do was to redirect visits to the old URLs the new ones. I found out a way to do this using 301 redirection using .htaccess (can't remember the link, but I'm sure you'd get good search results from Google for this). Now I am not sure whether this is the best way of doing it, but since I am not that concerned with SEO I can't be bothered in finding out other ways.