Blog Spammers, your days are numbered (I hope)..

Been reading quite interesting posts on fighting blog spams on MT 2.66 (the one that I am using now).

Apparently there’s a plug-in called MT-Captcha and several other plug-ins to combat blog spams.

Read a “debate” on the usefullness of this plug-in(method) heren. I’ll stick to disabling comments at this point of time until I can install this plug-in. The idea behind the plug-in is simple, if you can distinguish between robot commenting from human commenting on your blog then that’s your solution. I think it’s going to be like what Aussie online banks used for their site, that is using PIN on an image and then asking the person to type in the PIN. Pretty cool concept.

Read from the news today, that in US Virginia that a spammer got jailed for 9 years, boy.. he made lots of money from spamming (millions). I would like to see more people put to jail for spamming.

I found it interesting, when the lawyer argued that this person doesn’t deserve to be put in jail as he doesn’t do any hurt to people, yeah.. maybe he’s not physically hurting people, but what about emotionally and financially? Emotionally because when you received spam emails you got pissed off, the more you received the angrier you get :) (hm, if it raises blood tension that it can cause hypertension or even heart attact thus it DOES hurt people!) I’m pretty sure there is this thing called “spam rage”.

Financially, well, we know time is money. It is costing us time to delete spam from our inbox and to create a new email address and get people to update their address books, in the context of workplace of course this process is costing the employee money as the productivity of their workers reduced. So yeah! put him away I say!