Mouse pointer stuck on Mac OS X via VMWare

This particular problem caused a long delay on my installation of Mac OS X on VMWare. Basically, the mouse (in this case a USB mouse) just doesn't seem to work, the mouse pointer seems to stuck on the left hand corner of the VMWare window, you can move a little bit to the left or right, but it usually just snaps back to the top left corner. It does make the installation process quite painful (and longer) as you have to rely on keyboard to make your selections.

I have tried a few things, suggested by Google, including:

  • Using PS2 mouse
  • Using 2 USB mice

The last thing that I haven't tried is to use other ISO (other version of Mac).

Turns out for my case, the solution is very simple, simply remove the USB controller from the Hardware section of your OS (on your VMWare Web Access) and suddenly the USB mouse works as it should. A bit counter intuitive, don't you think?