Virtualisation is amazing

Since upgrading my computer I've been contemplating on making the usual Windows XP & Linux (Kubuntu) dual boot scenario. I'm contemplating because I quite like working in XP nowadays and I am not sure whether I'd be working with Linux that much.

Dual boot scenario is quite inconvenient since you cannot easily switch between OS without rebooting. This what usually happens to me: do coding on Linux for awhile, then I felt like a break by playing say Counter Strike (yes I still play it till today!). After playing a game or two, I usually just too lazy to come reboot to Linux and continue coding. Thus I tend not to use Linux too much nowadays and just do my coding in XP.

But I still like to play around with Kubuntu, for me Linux just feels like a right environment for coding, I just can't explain why, maybe it's the geek factor. And so I heard this virtualisation thing and thought maybe I should give my new machine a run for its money.

I went to VMWare website couple of times, contemplating whether to buy it or not. And to my joy, my church friend told me that there is a free version of VMWare called VMWare Server (which somehow I can't find while browsing around myself).

So I gave it ago, installing and configuring, to my surprise, it was actually quite simple. I am not sure why the application is built as a web application on top Tomcat, but yeah it works well nonetheless.

First OS that I installed is the latest Kubuntu 8.10. It installed hassle free. I always have an itch to try Mac OS X, so based on this instruction, I tried to install Mac OS X 10.4.8. Installing Mac OS X is far more complicated needless to say, it took me few days to get it work (1 day alone to download the ISO via torrent, btw this is of course illegal, I promise to delete it later :) ).


And voila, I have Kubuntu and Mac OS X Tiger running on top of Windows XP via VMWare Server, amazing.