OO Ready?

I just took Hal Helm's Are You OO-Ready? Quiz.

I got 64, which means I am still long way from mastering the concepts, but I am quite happy as well, I didn't scored as bad as I thought I would. Now I wish there's similar Real World OO course offered here in Australia.

Speaking of courses, my company is offering the developers to do a course on either Javascript or T-SQL on M$SQL 2005. None of these courses really interests me. A course on Javascript? Well I am definitely moving away from doing pure Javascript to jQuery. A course on T-SQL is I guess more beneficial to me, but if I have a choice I would rather learning about ORM instead and how it fits in OOP.

My good manager was so kind, he actually proposed .NET course to my boss for me, but it was turned down as boss didn't see .NET as a core of our company's business (which is true, we only have a small portion of .NET in our application). I