For my webdev work before, I didn’t get paid in accordance to the agreement.

Have emailed the guy twice, just got the reply today (after a week or so). He said the reminder will be paid when do the next project and he asked me for a discussion regarding next project this friday.

Now I am a bit skeptic, this doesn’t sound right, I mean I deserved to be paid fully, don’t I? As much as I love doing web devel job, my gut feeling tells me to be careful.. Urghh I don’t know..

He did teach me and showed me a lots of interesting stuffs, he also promised me that I will be offered a full time position if he likes my work, but I just can’t trust him anymore.

He is very nice and we looked like that we get along well, until this happens.. Need to consult with fiance on this, I am almost sure that she would told me to have nothing to do with this guy. But he has a good business, he’s a lot of projects coming and everything, why would he witheld a “small” amount of money from me??? For crying loud $136 is not much.