On the Lack of Writing

Last year, I posted 6 blog posts. Yes, not a typo, 6 posts for the whole year. This year alone and we are only 1 and a half months into the year, I have posted 7 (including this one).

As always with me, there is not just one thing to be blamed for the lack of writing. But rather it was an accumulation of different causes.

And here they are:

  • I just didn’t have much passion and energy for technology outside work. There were different things that take my attention, such as moving house, training for running races, family, church etc2.
  • My work has become less technically focused – less explorative as well, and became more analyst, managerial, tech leading, communication type of work (if that makes sense – less coding more communication).
  • My blog was aggregated by ColdFusion Blogger. This made me very self conscious, for every post, I think to myself how would it be relevant to the ColdFusion readers, will I piss them off by posting non CF things too often etc2.

How will things be different? I am no longer aggregated, which hopefully frees me up to having to worry about blogging non-CF stuffs.

I have to say that I still don’t have the same fire as I was years ago and I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. I think moving to a non CF related things would help, I am interested to look into WordPress more as I have mentioned on my previous posts. Maybe I should get into Ruby on Rails (RoR) and get in touch with RoR peeps once more (the Australian RoR peeps are really lively bunch).

Will I write more posts? I am not promising that, at least not for this blog, although I think I will probably write more on my running and fitness related blog instead: runningitis.com. Yes, the other passion.