Not effective today

Hmph, been meaning to finish (or at least getting somewhere) with my COMP9334 assignment, but stuck and distracted simultaneously.

Slept a bit after work, then did some reading on COMP9334, came over to Lina’s for dinner and watched Australian Idol, came back home, played a soccer on PS2 with flatmate.

It’s 9pm suddenly, then a friend called chatted for 45 minutes, then another friend called with his financial concern, another 30 minutes gone.

But that’s ok the last person that called me needed my help, and he is more important than my assignment. Need to convince myself that there are things that more important than my study. Friends/bros and sis in Christ are certainly important. Job also important too.

Currently working casual doing web development stuffs for APTStrategies. Need to regard this job is more important than my study! It’s interesting job and interesting company, I reckon the boss should be generous enough to hire me full time :> rather than having me as one of the other 50 casuals that he has.

Oh well, still waiting for Altis, they told me that I got the next part of the screening process, but boy does it take forever to get the right person.. if they only look for 1 person, I defenitely won’t get it.. (sigh.. low self esteem.. ).