Got MacBook Pro

My three mean machinesAnd so after contemplating for half a year or more - I finally decided that it’s time to get a Mac.

I bought the Feb 2011 model - second hand from Ebay and it looks like to be a good purchase so far (well it’s only been few days). To sidetrack a bit - it was quite scary experience buying something expensive from Ebay - it took three weeks for the thing to arrive due to seller being slow in posting, AusPost messed up (or maybe it was the seller’s fault all along), the item had to be returned to sender, and then re-sent back to me - just a mess!! But thank God - it’s here.

And yes - people were asking why - even today someone at work compares Mac with Dell - which he thinks it’s the best value for money. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions I guess.

To me the reasons for getting a Mac is as follow:

  • I just want to see and to experience what the hype is all about. I have been to user group meetings and conferences and Macs dominated the development scene - why???
  • Still related to the above, Mac seems to be the de facto platform for Ruby coder (although apparently in Japan - Rubyists are more likely to be on Windows). One of the famous Ruby IDE - Textmate runs only Mac.
  • And hopefully sometimes in the future (I am not holding my breath though) - I will get into native iPhone/iPad development as well.
Now the OS war - some people are just M$ haters - I am not, I have been using Windows for ages and things have been improving, in fact Windows 7 is pretty good. But I have never been comfortable with Windows as a platform for development. I mean I use it at work because I need the other M$ softwares like Outlook, Word and Project - but I won’t do my personal coding on Windows.

For fun coding things - I have been using Ubuntu. This is especially true for my Ruby and Rails learning. And I am quite happy with it - for dev-ing Linux is certainly way more enjoyable than Windows.

I’m quite excited to see how my experience will be different with Mac OS. As of now, I am looking into settling to an IDE for my Ruby dev - Sublime Text looks to be most likely candidate at the moment - followed by MacVim. A couple of recommendations from friends: TextMate (of course), TextWrangler (BBEdit).