flowplayer and kimli flash embed

One of the things that broke when I moved from Lyceum to WordPressMU is the videos.

Flowplayer is a Flash based video player so naturally it requires the embed tag. All is well in Lyceum as embed tag is allowed. But in WordPressMU that tag is simply stripped off whenever you save the post.

Kimli Flash Embed is a useful WordPress plugin that allows you to circumvent the WordPress no embed tag limitation.

So after converted the embed tag to kimli tag, the videos work again, this is an example:

[code="js"] [kml_flashembed movie="http://tjandrawibawa.org/flowplayer/FlowPlayer.swf" height="350" width="468" quality="high" allowScriptAccess="always" loop="false" fvars="config={ playList:[ {url:'http://tjandrawibawa.org/movies/bersin_ketawa.jpg',overlayId:'play'} ,{url:'http://tjandrawibawa.org/movies/bersin_ketawa.flv'} ] ,initialScale:'scale' ,autoBuffering: false ,loop:false}" /] [/code]

Note: indented for readability, not sure whether it will works if you write the tag like the above.

At first the conversion didn't go smoothly as didn't change flashvars (embed) to fvars (kimli) and afterwards everything works as expected:
Jet video: ketawa ketiwi