Unmotivated (contemplative mood)

These last 2 weeks, I really feel unmotivated at work. Apart from stress from uni exam and assignment, there are things at work that really bring me down (I cannot be more specific than that). There are projects that I have to look after and these projects have been dragging on and on for months now without any indication of ever being completed. I probably shouldn’t have taken the responsibility for some of these projects, but I did and now I suffer.

Lots of things in my head now, I have to weigh everything, I have to look after myself and my family, I have to help my workmates and the company, I want to be trained, I want to have a change of scene, I want to work in more professional setting, I want to recognized and better awarded.. I need to assess where I am at now and how can I move forward. Am I still best fit for my current employer? Is there still room for me to grow?

It’s only fair for everyone if I make the decision sooner rather than later, I hope I can bring myself to make a decision before the end of the year. I am almost certain at what decision I’d make, unless things change drastically and I can find that passion for working again.. I really hate coming to work unmotivated, I hate being unproductive and not using my full potential..