1st CFUG

Tonight was my first time coming to CFUG, well it’s now called Adobe Platform Users Group (APUG) as NSW CFUG and the Flash User Group merged together. Managed to get one workmate to join, he’s a CF enthusiast and has been to these meetings before. But rather unfortunatelly the other 6 weren’t interested, how can I get these people interested in being involved in CF community I wonder…

Also managed to caught up with 2 mates from the old workplace which is good.

Geoff from Daemon gave a presentation on open source community, he gave tips on what can developers do to help out the community (things like: submitting bug reports, feature requests, contributing financially etc2). He also shared a bit his experience with FarCry of which he is the benevolent dictator.

He also explained some of the open source licences, he brought into our attention the difference between GPL and LGPL and gave an example of the current controversy on ExtJS community caused by moving the library from LGPL to GPL (a controversy that I wasn’t aware of, wonder why I haven’t seen it blogged on CF or Flex blogs).

It was an informative session, I am glad that I came.