My job went to India

My job went to India (and all I got is this lousy book), that’s one of the books from the pragmatic programmer folks that I’ve been wanting to read.

And it would be quite relevant to my current work situation. I’ve been looking after a specific project since I joined the company. Even with the best effort from the team, the management thinks that the volume of the output is not meeting the business requirements. So outsourcing the part of the project to the Indian developers was seen as a very interesting proposition to the problem.

I will be the main technical contact for this project again, my task will be guiding these Indian developers so that they can be productive in a short amount of time and start delivering results that the business wants. But so far it hasn’t gone very well, we experienced delay after delay.

I guess I will have to wait and see whether this outsourcing solution can work for our benefit. This is a first time experiencing project that is outsourced, it will be an interesting thing for me to learn how the our team can cope with all the hurdles of outsourcing.