Sporadic Learning

Yep, that’s my method of learning, basically I just learn whatever it is that comes to my fancy. A while ago it was Model-Glue, a week ago it was Flex, lo and behold, I am now captivated by ColdBox!

I guess this also can be considered as my weaknesses, being unable to be interested in one thing for long if I am not forced too. With learning these frameworks and Flex, there’s no one really asking me to do it, so there’s no pressure and I am completely free to choose whether I want to continue learning the technology or not. I need to prioritize better, I need to think through which of “the oh so many wonderful things to learn”, that can be reasonably beneficial to my career and to whoever that hires me (or will employ me).

I guess my sporadic learning at the moment is bounded by Adobe related things and web development in general, I haven’t stepped in to Ruby on Rails yet, although each day I am getting more and more compelled to at least give it a try.