The B Strikes Back

Bored.. again.. I guess that’s just who I am, someone who’s having a short span interest (luckily there are things that I never get tired of).

Work has been quite boring lately, well what do I expect, of course every job will be boring once you know everything there is to know. Sure with the latest project that I working on, I got to work with intensively with AJAX for data processing, but even with AJAX, the underlying system is the same.n

I think this is it, in terms of programming and web dev, that’s it, there’s not much left to learn unless I want to branch to other languages/paradigm like .NET and Flash.

I am quite surprised on how small and limited the scope of web development is. I’ve done online stores, content managed sites, auction site. What is left out there? Well I pretty much can kiss .NET goodbye now, with the departure of one of the company’s partners. We are going to stick with PHP. Not that there’s anything wrong with PHP, it’s a great “scripting” language (lousy OO though), very good for web programming.

Staying with PHP means that we are continue to help small businesses and I guess when you continue dealing with small businesses you would stay small at least for couple of years. Small doesn’t always mean bad though, if I own the business, I’d be content, but the thing is I am an employee, I am on the lowest chain :P

There’s a lot of things that I would like to know/learn more about software production that are not going to be found in web development. Would love to do produce software more systematic:

I mean at the moment, I am willing to sacrifice salary over learning and experience. But when the learning possibilities have been exhausted (and there’s little chance for a ‘significant’ pay rise, in fact I haven’t got my super for few months.. sigh), I have to ask myself, what is left for me?

Work environment is ok though, at least the ppl are nice, but i sometimes feel out of place being the only “outsider” in the company. Blessed are those who are not easily bored, who are passionate to look at PHP codes for 8 hours every day. I want to code in Java again!