Playing with ColdBox (and Transfer)

I have spent the past 2 weeks building a simple application using ColdBox Framework and I quite like the progress of it.

The application that I am building is an online exam application. I am going to put some questions from Ben Forta’s CF7 Certification book on the application. I thought it would be fun to build an exam application so that guys at work can see how well they know their CF, but in the end I would also want to use this to help me with my ColdFusion Certification.

I think the front end is about 80% done. In terms of logic, ColdBox does not feel that much difference with Model-Glue. It is a bit nicer in that I don’t have to deal with XML as much as I have to with Model-Glue. With this project I am also hoping to be able to learn Transfer ORM as well. I have built my model using a non ORM approach, that is I hand written all the SQL meself, that’s phase is sort of finished now. The next phase is to actually re-written the the model using Transfer.

And once I get the hang of Transfer, I am hoping to build the back end. Phew, I am glad to be able to keep my interest high with these two frameworks. I sort of neglecting my Model-Glue online store project, hopefuly I will be able to finish that off as well (sometimes next year).