Flex Profiling

Yesterday, David Keutgens from Cynergy Systems presented Profiling in Flex for our Sydney Adobe Platform User Group. Although not a real Flex programmer myself, I found the presentation quite informative and enjoyable.

The topic also brings back my memory of my undergraduate final year where I almost did a thesis on Java profiling myself, which I didn't end up doing because it was too hard for me.

Couple of things that I got out of the meeting (again bare in mind I am not a Flex programmer, so there might be inaccuracies below):

  • In Flex you can profile 2 things: Memory or Performance.
  • Need to be careful in cleaning up references to objects, otherwise the Garbage Collector won't clean them.
  • Use weak reference as much as possible, two ways of specifying weak reference:
    • Dictionary class
    • addListener
  • When profiling look at objects that are called often or object that has long execution time.

Memorable comment on the night:

Q: What do you call a class that implements Dictionary but always use weak reference by default?

A: Wikipedia

LOL, attributed to Robin Hilliard of Rocketboots.