Cellars in its final stage

Been doing cellars.com.au for most of today, I quite like the layout and the font choice..

I however think that the colouring scheme can be improved, oh well, boss wants the dark blue (which I like to, but i don’t like white text over the blue). Have gathered some useful links from the net to be put on the site, trying to write a report detailing the process starting from conception to completion.

It took me lots of time and effort to get an internal search engine for the site, tried few Javascripts solutions but none of them work, dunno why, was it because I use php inclusion in most of the pages?? Boss told me not to worry about it. Thank God… But I will try to find out anyway, as it would be very handy for the projects to come.

Also found out that if Google knows your site, it’s simpler to create a search engine, as you can utilise Google’s API for your own site search.

But yeah this site is not yet recoqnised by Google. PHP mail command doesn’t work on the cellar’s server, the server is a Windows based server.. thus it may have something with it. Yeah very exciting, can;’t wait to learn how to use ASP and MSSQL.. I have come to the evil empire..

oh enuff rant, got to go to bed, tomorrow is church and fellowshipping day.. hooray.