Long weekend

I probably should post this on my other blog. Anyway, I was really looking forward for this weekend, this long weekend, as I have to catch up with my rest. Past few weeks have been really busy as I often mentioned, having “to balance” (I dislike this word a lot, it gives the impression that living for God ie ministry is just of an equal importance to job for instance.., but that’s another story) things in my life.

But since the Cellars project has finished, I can breathe easier.

Work at HPA has been pretty busy because one of my workmates is away on holiday, yesterday, another workmate has called in sick. But the busyness is nothing compared to the joy of weekend.

Yesterday (Friday), watched Shaolin Soccer with Lina, wached it before, but interested in re-watching it. Today (Saturday) was a fun and fine day, did some cleaning up in the morning, then going out to have a photo session in Chinatown (for our invite), wasn’t really pleased with the way I look in the photos, but what the heck, can’t change my face I suppose hehe.

The evening continued by having dinner at a famous sushi restaurant called Makoto, it’s Lina’s treat. The food was good, I enjoyed the dinner, however I don’t think it’s worth queueing for more than 45 mins (we only had to queue for 30 mins, but when we left there were lots of people queueing).

Then we rented Gothika and Tomb Raider 2. Gothika is an ok movie, should I write a review?

My evening is ended by winning a DOTA game in Warcraft III beating Andy and Johhny, I got 11 kills, my highest ever. Now downloading FMA 51, it’s the last episode, it’ll be sadly missed.. I should buy the DVD when it’s available in Australia, it’d be worth it.

Tomorrow will have an excursion to Manly Jazz Festival after church, another exciting day ahead. Didn’t go to Club 5 this year, I can see that it’s actually beneficial for me not to go, coz of the rest that I needed. Maybe next year..

Maybe I should’ve gone in the first place.. urghh!!!! Oh well, it happened already, nothing you can do about it.. I did have a good rest (not long enough.. ).

Daniel was booted out from Aussie Idol, the other bottom three fellas were Haylie and Chanel.