Linux vs Windows

Came to conclusion that I can’t subsitute one for the other. I need them both. The linux evangelists preach that one should avoid the evil empire’s products (CSE lectures). I found it impossible to do my daily stuffs without windows tho, especially in the area of gaming, of course can always use wine (transmeta support many games, but it’s subscription based..), but will it work for every games and who can be bothered really? Hardware support, I don’t think linux can compete with win yet, altho I am really impressed with Mandriva 2006, usb disk plug and play, wireless card configured with minor effort and i didnt even do any samba set up and it just connects to my windows network effortlessly.Linux is still somehow my prefered programming environment, not sure why.. Maybe it’s got that geeky flavour. During this assignment time, my work corner at home will consist of my PC ruing XP for opening prolog manuals sometimes Gunbound and on its right is my laptop on Mandriva 2006 where I do my programming. Sort of emulating dual monitors, except that it’s actually 2 different workstations.. hm.. KVM!