Observing a UNSW lecture

Bored with lecture today, got annoyed by fellow students, came to finding a pattern amongst UNSW students. In a lecture you would expect to find:

  • At least one mobile phone ringing. If the person has some sense, he would turn it off quickly (apalogizing to the lecturer and fellow students is a plus), but he might chose to run outside quickly while shouting, or he might answer the phone on the lecture, or he might be putting it on silent mode. Rude rude rude, I’m tellin ya, I dont mind buying and bringing a mobile phone jammer to lecture (and church).
  • A person who thinks he knows it all, heck he thinks he is smarter and has more experience than the lecturer (well, he might, but..). This person might shrugged his head, murmuring something in disagreement, seems irritated and agitated. He might also ask a lot of questions just to show that the lecturer is not as smart as him. I don’t mind this kind of people as long as they are REALLY smart not a pretender.
  • A group of people who are whispering or worse talking in an audible voice and worse still not in English ARGGGHHH
  • to be continued

Australian education system suck! UNSW suck! Overseas students suck (hm i am one of them tho)!! Heck students suck!!! I hate this uni.