COMP 9117 Software Architecture

Missed the 1st lecture as Lina was having a labour. The 2nd lecture is quite good, jam packed with materials, it’s quite rarely a 3 hour lecture really last that long, and the lecturer had to skip over few pages otherwise he wouldn’t be able to finish on time.Learnt some interesting stuffs. Software architecture is not about technology, but it is really about people. There is usually a gap between business team and the technology team. Programming is a repetitive practice. India has moved on from providing coders/programmers to now providing end to end solutions, they are outsourcing programming to other countries (China), thus the lecturer challenges us to think beyond just being a programmer. Companies caot rely on having brilliant programmers, in fact it’s dangerous to have a dependency on the people, but they can instead have a solid framework so that average programmers can get the job done.