Annoying!!! Spent few hours figuring out why the phpThumb works fine on our local server and my home, but when the site gets uploaded to the live website ( under project) the thumb didn’t work properly. Had to spent last 30 mins rushing to revert the thumbs back to using S3’s thumb, which I need to modify as well, as it somehow includes some database requiring include files (not sure why). Fortunatelly it worked, at least customer doesn’t have to see the broken thumb. Came home and played around a bit, finally found out that I have to explicitly set aeo=0 whilst on the other servers I don’t have to. It’s quite weird, maybe it has to do with the config file, but the config is the same across three servers. Sure the php version is different but still.. anyway, so it solved, boss would be pleased this Monday.Update:nNope I was wrong, i think it has to do with the specifying the sw and sh size, one pixel wrong in calculation set the cropping crazy. Will do a test on monday, can’t work for free now :PUpdate again Monday, 13/03, I solved it, apparently setting both sh and sw didnt work for the live server. Need to set one only, if the source image’s width is more than its height than set the sw to the height and vice versa, but when setting sw, sh shouldn’t be set and when sw is set, don’t set sh. It worked! so happy.