Hm, working with J2EE, we are spoilt with options. IDEs:

  • NetBeans (Sun’s?)
  • Eclipse (IBM’s, they generously open sourced it, from what the lectures told us, it is THE ultimate J2EE IDE, especially it you’re into to application modelling).

J2EE servers:n- JBoss, most popular?n- Sun’s Application Server, not meant for real use but useful for testing and learning, from what I’ve read.n- IBM WebShperen- BEA WebLogicn- Apache Geronimo
Frameworks.. hm, from looking around there are Struts, Spring, Hibernate. So much to learn.
At the moment trying to gather up info from different sources, and to my dismay, they all use different servers/IDEs combinations.. doh! I’ve got NetBeans, Eclipse, JBoss and Java Application Server ru
ing on my PC”s Linux Fedora just in case. Tried ru
ing both Netbeans and Eclipse on my laptop (ru
ing Mandriva Linux), it’s way too slow.. is it my laptop’s fault? Or is somehow the configuration is not optimised under Mandriva?