My Definition of Passionate

I asked myself a lot lately on what it really means to be passionate and whether I am still passionate about web, technologies, programming and all that.

I want to tackle the first question first, about what it means to be passionate – to me personally anyway.

To me to be passionate about something simply means this something has to occupy a good portion of your mind and time. You are willingly sacrifice your mind and time for this thing.

To give a more concrete example, if I call myself a passionate web developer, that means in my waking hours, there is a significant time where I dedicate my mind and effort for all things web development, be it in the forms of reading blogs, writing blog posts, learning and trying new techniques, picking up new libraries etc2. I wouldn’t feel coerced to do these things, no one needs to tell me about this, I am motivated internally, I will do these things even if I am not paid to them.

Am I doing enough of those nowadays? If not where has my passion gone? Has my passion gone for something else? Can it be rekindled? How?

I will take a look into these questions later on.