Migrating WordPress Blog From One Host to Another

I’ve been meaning to move the hosting for tjandrawibawa.org (which actually just a WPMU site) from Jumba to VivioTech for a long time, but I kept on delaying it – fearing that it would be a complicated process.

I have found Jumba’s (or whatever company that owns Jumba nowadays) hosting service to be a little less reliable than what I expected. There have been a couple of unexplained down time.

At one time, I got an Apache error message when trying to access my site, which suggests someone messed around with Apache config and broke my site. Logged a ticket, the techie responded “I didn’t see any problem with your site” – which is true, the problem was resolved by the time the techie replied. But still I haven’t got no explanation about the down time. Anyway, just saying, I do have one of Jumba’s cheapest plans, you get what you paid for I suppose.

I have an under utlized VPS with VivioTech so moving the hosting there just makes sense. And also VivioTech has been rock solid, pretty happy with them.

To my relief, it turned out moving WordPress blog(s) from one hosting to another is a piece of cake!

These are the steps that I took (from memory):

  • Dump the WordPress database (mysqldump) from the old host
  • Tar and zipped the WordPress directory
  • Copy the database dump and directory zip to the new host
  • Create a new database on the new host using the dump – I use command line
    • Create new database – use mysql create database command
    • Put the dump to this new database – use this command line : mysql –u username –p myWPdatabaseName < theDumpFile.sql
  • Modify the config.php file so it knows where to find the new database
  • Browse to the site (this needs a trick) and voila – everything should be working! It’s good idea to check whether the images are ok.
    • With moving sites – I’d assume you know that you need to modify the DNS. It usually takes awhile for DNS to resolve, if you need to access the site on the new host – you can simply do so by adding an entry on your host file. Ask me if you don’t know what I mean.

The process above should only took about 10 minutes or so.

My next challenge is to upgrade this WordPress MU from 2.8.4 to the latest, which is 3.0.4.