Giving Some Long Overdue Love for WordPress

I have been blogging for awhile now, around 9 years now. My blogging tool of choice on good 8 out of the 9 was on WordPress or its variant namely Lyceum (see sidenote). I have to date maintain 5 WordPress blogs. I couldn’t be more happier with WordPress – it is simple to use, easy to install, hundreds of plugins and themes -  it is plain and simple a really amazing piece of software.

But along these years, I don’t think I have put much effort to know WordPress much – it’s just a tool for me. I feel that I am out of touch from what’s been going on on WordPress world. I am hoping to change that this year, expect to see more posts on it as I will playing catch up on what’s latest on WordPress.

Sidenote: I just found out that Lyceum has stopped being developed end of last year. It’s a sad news to hear, I have found no fault with Lyceum except for it not being able to catch up with WordPress releases. I cannot say that it wasn’t inevitable though especially with the merge of WordPress MU and WordPress.