Staying back

Last week was quite a rough week for me. As always deadline was looming (production release on Thursday) and my estimate was off the mark. I knew my estimate was already very tight, so having unforeseen requirements came up at the last moments didn't really help. I pulled it off, but with the cost of my personal health & time, family time, time with people from bible study (missed the Friday night bible study) and to make things worse I wasn't that confident with the quality of my work.

On Thursday the production release day, I came in at 11am and had to work on making sure everything is ok on the production environment PLUS fixing up issues from our tester (one of the issues was a very hard to detect jQuery/Ajax issue - more on this later) PLUS  implementing this feature that wasn't identified before. I was actually quite pissed off with this unidentified feature, because first of all I missed it myself, and second of all I have asked a group of people in the company who knows how the system work to have a look at my work and let me know if anything missing weeks before the go live date. But of course no one has time until few days before the release when they do a more thorough testing, well telling me 2 days before the release wasn't really helpful.

The whole day was really intense, it was an endless cycle of fix one thing, breaks another thing. I negotiated with the customer manager to hold off this one particular feature until later on as I really not sure with the quality of it (I was really2 tired, my brain hurts I know for sure my coding quality will surely suffer from it). Anyway finally I sort of managed to implement it, it is full of unconventional coding that people one day will look at it, and say what the heck is this guy thinking. I put a comment goes along this line "its 11:45pm, I am really tired and want to go home, so pardon me for this mess".

I ended up leaving the office at 1am Friday, I know for some IT workers this is acceptable, but boy my body certainly didn't think so. I felt really sick coming at home, got headache and felt like vomiting, didn't sleep well that night. I spent most of Friday sleeping, as the light headache, the feeling nauseous and tiredness were there whole day. I guess that's probably how hangover must feels like (never got drunk in my life, so wouldn't know how it feels :) wondering why people would want to put themselves in such condition). I only recovered on Saturday.

The only good thing about this is, this should be the last of projects with tight deadlines for me (can't help thinking about my teammates..). At least that's what being promised to me. My manager offered me to be part of the solution so that projects can be more manage-able and developers are happier (I really have high respect for my manager, he's a good manager, he has put up a lot for the team), so I guess I just have to wait and see whether things can be improved or not.