Rails jdbcmysql issue (Netbeans?)

Ok, and so the Rails noob journey goes on.

I learned few things today, first of all, how to start Rails server. Simply go to your application directory and type in rails server.

I then refreshed my web browser, expecting my awesome blog app displayed. But no, what’s life without challenges here and there. This is the error that I got:

RuntimeError (Please install the jdbcmysql adapter: gem install activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter (no such file to load – java))

Rails complained about jdbcmysql not installed. Well, yeah, it is not installed as I am using sqllite for development. Googling around, I found this probably NetBeans doing.

When developing with NetBeans, by default it is using JRuby and then NetBeans will fiddle with your database.yml to use MySQL (naughty).

So modified database.yml to use sqllite, restart server and problem solved, but not making much of a progress this lunch time, oh well.