I am having a week off during Christmas and New Year Holiday. I haven’t done much in this holiday period, haven’t touched ColdBox and Transfer much.

I did some re-organizing of my desktop computer though, updating my Eclipse to a proper development state just like the setup that I have on my laptop. So I install Eclipse 3.2 Europa, put Aptana, SubClipse, CFEclipse on, I have also installed both Flex Builder 2 (Education version) and Flex Builder 3 Beta.

I also come up with my own directory structure to organize projects from work as well as private projects and I think I am pretty happy with the structure, maybe I should re-organize the structure on my laptop as well. Before re-organizing the project folders were separated into at least 3 directories: Eclipse’s workspace, public_html directory and prj directory (company’s convention). I decided to follow the company’s convention and move everything on the public_html directory to prj directory. In prj directory I created subfolders fforesite, s3group, personal and uni.

I also upgraded my Apache server from 1.3 to 2.2 then upgraded ColdFusion from MX7 to 8. And now I am in the process of upgrading MySQL from 4 to 5.

Now after all of this done, I will have a dilemma, should I be developing on my laptop or my desktop? I think I want to be able to do both, if both then I should have some sort of central repository to synch projects on both environments.

I have also been looking for WordPress themes to be used for this techblog and Jet’s blog. I am very impressed with the quality of the themes on Node Thirty Three’s Free WP Themes. I’ve been playing with some of the themes and make them work for Lyceum (which is based on earlier version of WordPress).